Fins,under a full moon, under the bigtop..

Fins,under a full moon, under the bigtop….

Jimmy Buffet at Lakewood Amphitheater. Atlanta. April 27,2010

Warning!  This has absolutely nothing to do with real estate,
realtors, or Cobb County Homes for sale.  Well other than I
wrote it 🙂

Just like santa or the circus he comes to town once per year and
yesterday was the day.  The Jimmy Buffett “Under the Bigtop”
tour arrived in Atlanta.  For the most of the concert goers
the traditional concert experience actually begins several hours before
Jimmy takes the stage.  Tailgating at a Buffett concert is an
experience in and of itself.  We had a group of 20+ gathered
for cheeseburgers, kabobs, and good times. Barbara and I arrived around
1 but some of our group had already staked out parking area, pitched
the ez ups and fired up the grill.

For the concert itself we got inside about 6:30. Since we had lawn
seats we wanted to get inside early to stake out some good turf.
The are we were at was near the front of the lawn in the
center. As far as lawn seats go, they were good seats.  There
were a couple of things that were quite memorable about the evening:

  • It was really cold!
  • Zac Brown appearing on stage with Jimmy Buffet

  • Beautiful full moon over the right shoulder and Venus watching over us on the
    left shoulder
  • Oh yeah…… it was really cold

Jimmy started playing around8:30 or so and the show finished about 11 I guess.  He opened
with Nobody from Nowhere off of the new
Buffett Hotel CD and followed with License to Chill.
Georgia Native Zac Brown joined Jimy on stage for the Zac
Brown tune “Where the boat leaves from”.  I haven’t heard the
song before but it was really good and had a mix of Jimmy’s “Off To See
the Lizard” blended in with it that came across very well.
Later in the evening Zac joined Jimmy again for “Pirate looks
at Forty” and then for “Magaritaville”

the entire playlist from the website

18,000 or so of your closest friends with fins up is always cool.
It was very cool seeing everybody doing “Fins” under the full

Jimmy closed the show with a beautiful solo acoustic version of “It’s
been a lovely cruise”.

There is a show this Saturday in Nashville.  Anybody up for
road trip?

See the entire photo album on my AgentBob wordpress blog

See the entire photo album on my AgentBob wordpress blog


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